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Monthly Archives: November 2018

Law and Wills – Celebrity Victims Unit

In the estate planning process, beneficiary designation mistakes are considered especially costly.  In Florida, dedicated attorneys who handle wills, trusts and probate matters are members of an elite squad known as estate planning attorneys.  These are their stories.  Dun Dun.Couldn’t resist.  Below are a few of my favorite celebrities’ estate planning blunders and the heirs...
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Why Every Realtor Should Have an Established Attorney-Relationship

I was recently speaking with a new friend, a realtor, and she was telling me an all too familiar tale.  There was a deal, it was going bad, there was an independent realtor, to make a long story short, she lost her commission.  She told me that her broker wasn’t particularly interested in fighting it...
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Aretha Franklin Had No Estate Plan

Five people reached out to me to let me know that the Queen of Soul passed away intestate, without a will or trust.  You guys are reading my emails and know my genre!Franklin’s lack of an estate plan is surprising for three reasons.  (1) She had...
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