Legal Care Plan

Legal Care Plan – A benefit ONLY to our established clients

Yearly review of estate plan with clients (and family members if desired)

Yearly update to the estate plan documents (last will, power of attorney, living will health care proxy or trust) OR two (2) hours towards attorney contract review.


What is the Legal Care Plan?

An arrangement where you don’t have to worry about the cost, hourly rates or wondering “How much will this cost me?” When it comes to your yearly estate plan review or changes to your estate plan.

Who can benefit from the Legal Care Plan?

Established clients that have drafted their estate plan with Odelia Goldberg (or the retired attorneys where Odelia purchased their practices) in the past.

What does the Legal Care Plan provide?

Most importantly, we will hold a yearly review of your estate plan. You can include your family and friends in our review at your leisure. This is an opportunity for us to touch base on your plan and make sure that we don’t have any changes/adjustments to make.

If we do have any changes, the edits to your estate plan are included in the Legal Care Plan. If we’re not going to be editing the plan, I want to make sure your Legal Care Plan still provides a benefit to you and you’re entitled to contract reviews totaling two (2) hours.

Why are you offering the Legal Care Plan?

Many reasons! Here are a few:

We have found that a yearly review of the estate plan is not only important but essential as things change all the time. We don’t want you to have to determine whether or not an issue is “worth” calling your attorney. We want you to call us so we can help prevent big problems.

As our client, we are your legal team, and we are fully invested in your estate plan and are actively looking to help before you realize you need us. After all, if you don’t use us, you’ll probably cancel, so we’re incentivized to find ways to help you.

All of this means that we’re a relationship law firm, not a transactional law firm, and we want deep, long-lasting relationships with all our clients.

Can we meet in person?

Yes, we’re happy to meet in person. Our office is located at 1270 SW 26th Avenue, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33312

So, can I call whenever I want?

We prefer that you schedule all attorney appointments so that we can dedicate 100% of our attention to you.

I’m sold! How much does the Legal Care Plan cost?

The Legal Care Plan is $850 per year, billed every January 15th. The regular price for an estate plan review along with edits to an estate plan range anywhere from $1,500 for a single person without a trust to $4,000 for a couple with a trust. The Legal Care Plan allows us to meet and execute at a fraction of the regular price and ensures that we meet yearly to touch down on the estate plan – which is the most important part on the Legal Care Plan.

Why is the Legal Care Plan a Good Idea for Me?


You can plan your budget with better predictability and save money! The flat fee of a yearly legal estate plan review and edits to your plan means that you can budget for your legal needs. When we review your estate plan yearly, we can ensure that your plan is the way you want it to be. If it’s not, our Legal Care Plan will allow us to change the plan to fit your ongoing needs and you get peace of mind.


Get proactive legal services. Rather than waiting until you’re in a bind, we can be proactive in updating your estate plan. So many times, please intend on updating their plan, they tell everyone about the updates, but they don’t actually do it. This leads to a big confusion and a lot of heartache. We spend a little bit of time and energy now to save a lot of time and energy later!

Customer Experience

Enjoy a better customer experience by building a long-term relationship between us. The Legal Care Plan helps us understand your ongoing needs on a much deeper level. As a result, we’re able to develop better experiences and better services, which ultimately help you and your heirs.

Early Involvement

It’s of course up to you, but we can involve the relevant parties early on. Our Legal Care Plan yearly review allows us to include your agents, family and friends involved in the discussions. Everyone knows what to expect and there aren’t any surprises. This is the number one reason for conflict with an estate plan, unmet expectations. Through the Legal Plan Reviews, we’re able to pull in the folks that need to be included in the way you want them to be included.

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