Will Preparation in Fort Lauderdale - Wills - Will Preparation Wills are documents used to direct how property should be distributed. They are fairly limited planning devices that are useful primarily in uncomplicated situations. At the Law Offices of Odelia Goldberg, we view wills as one of the many tools (along with trusts) available to constructing a well thought-out, customized estate plan.

Our practice will facilitate conversations to think through “what if” scenarios to properly name the executor, make specific bequests to beneficiaries, dispose of property, set up a trust (if needed), and name guardians for children.
In order to properly advise and draft a will, we will need to know about all of your assets and how they are owned. The following checklist will aid in understanding the asset list:

  • Real Estate Assets: description, location (state), value, ownership, mortgages or other liabilities
  • Business Interests: business entity, location (state), value of interest, ownership, liabilities
  • Bank Accounts: where held, type of account, value, ownership, designated beneficiary
  • Brokerage Accounts: where held, type of account, value, ownership, designated beneficiary
  • Stocks and Bonds: name of company, value, cost, ownership
  • Life Insurance: carrier, type, face value, owner, beneficiary
  • Retirement Plans (pension, 401(k), IRA, KEOGH, profit sharing): type of plan, owner, beneficiary

Wills in Fort Lauderdale

In addition, we recommend getting together every three to five years to review the plan. This should be done sooner if there is a life-changing event such as a birth, death, significant financial changes, major illness, marriage or divorce.
Please call our office at 954-832-0885 to discuss how The Law Offices of Odelia Goldberg can help you with your will preparation needs. Home, hospital appointments and telephone appointments are available.

Will Preparation in Fort Lauderdale

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