Fort Lauderdale Health Care ProxyA Health Care Proxy, or a Health Care Surrogate Designation, is a document naming another person as your representative to make health and medical related decisions on your behalf if you are unable to make them yourself. You can include instructions about any treatment you want or do not want, similar to a living will. It is advisable to designate an alternate surrogate.

Items to consider when deciding on a Health Care Proxy:

  • Be sure to ask your Health Care Proxy prior to naming them. You will want to get their consent to the responsibility. Discuss how you would like matters handled, and give them a copy of the document.
  • Make sure that your health care provider, attorney, and the significant persons in your life know that you have a Health Care Proxy form and where it is located. It is a good idea to give them a copy.
  • Set up a file where you can keep a copy of your very important papers.
  • Keep a card or note in your purse or wallet that states that you have an Health Care Proxy form and where it is located.
  • If you change your Health Care Proxy, make sure your health care provider, attorney and the significant persons in your life have the latest copy.

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