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What Can We Learn From Janis Joplin?

Just two days before her untimely passing in 1970, Janis Joplin and her attorney made a few changes to her last will.  She left the bulk of her estate to her parents (and some to her siblings) but left $2,500 to be set aside “so my friends can get blasted after I’m gone.”  Her intention […]

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What Can We Learn From Chadwick Boseman?

Nearly two years after his passing in 2020, Chadwick Boseman’s $3.8M estate is going to be distributed to his beneficiaries.  The Black Panther actor did not establish a last will or trust and was survived by his wife (of a couple of months) and parents.   The wife and parents reached an amicable agreement that mirrored […]

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What Can We Learn From Marilyn Monroe?

Marilyn Monroe (fka Norma Jeane Baker) passed in 1962 with a brief 3-page last will leaving the bulk of her estate to her acting coach, Lee Strasberg.  Monroe did not have children and was married and divorced thrice (including to baseball Hall of Famer, Joe DiMaggio and legendary playwright, Arthur Miller).  At Lee Strasber’s passing […]

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What Can We Learn From Alexander Hamilton?

While sitting at the Broward Center for the Performing Arts and enjoying the show, I couldn’t help but write this article in my head.  Yes, I’m a nerd LOL Hamilton was renowned in various aspects (Colonel in the Revolutionary War, General in the United States Army, Secretary of the Treasury, founder of The New York […]

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What Can We Learn From Meat Loaf?

Marvin (Michael) Lee Aday, aka Meat Loaf, passed away at the age of seventy-four with a net worth estimated at $40M. He was survived by his second wife, Deborah, and two daughters from his first marriage, Pearl and Amanda.  Pearl, his stepdaughter, was adopted by Meat Loaf when she was a young child.  The actor/singer’s […]

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What Can We Learn From Naomi Judd?

Country music singer Naomi Judd passed away on April 30, 2022.  Her last will was drawn up in 2017 and named her husband, musician Larry Strickland, as the executor of her estate.  The last will went on to give Larry “full authority and discretion” to do what he sees fit with properties within the estate, […]

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What Can We Learn From Farrah Fawcett & Ryan O’Neal?

This dispute centers around two identical pictures of Fawcett that Andy Warhol painted in the ‘80s.  When Fawcett passed in 2009, her last will stated that all of her artwork be left to my alma mater, the University of Texas (Hook ‘em Horns!).  However, the University only received ONE of the Warhol paintings as part […]

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What Can We Learn From Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston?

I love Brad Pitt, there I said it.  However, Jennifer Aniston, doesn’t seem to love him as much.  The couple divorced in 2005 and split up their assets including the production company, Plan B Entertainment, which the couple started in 2001.  Bradush (that’s what I call him) took over the company and produced a bunch […]

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What Can We Learn From Sex Clauses in Leases?

It happened in Las Vegas, where a lot of other things happen…that stay there, apparently.  Candy Torres sued her former landlord, real estate broker and property manager, Allan Rothstein, for violations of the federal Fair Housing Act, wrongful eviction, sexual harassment and deceptive trade practices. It’s alleged that Rothstein, when finding Torres an apartment as […]

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What Can We Learn From Gilligan’s Island’s Dawn Wells?

Dawn Wells, best known as the girl-next-door cast away, Mary Ann on the hit show Gilligan’s Island, passed away in 2020 at the age of 82. Wells’ last will included a unique clause regarding her personal belongings. Apparently, Wells left her personal belongings to her “friends and family” supervised by her named personal representatives. It looks as though […]

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What Can We Learn From Philip Seymour Hoffman?

An extremely talented actor, but not a great estate planner, Philip Seymour Hoffman, passed away in 2014 leaving behind a girlfriend and their three minor children.  In an effort to avoid “trust fund kids” and all that goes with the spoiling of the brats, he had his CPA draft a simple last will and left […]

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What Can We Learn from KFC’s Col Sanders?

The former Shelbyville, Kentucky home of KFC founder, Colonel Sanders has been on the market since June of 2022.  The home is being sold in bundle with a 63-year-old soul-food restaurant, the Claudia Sanders Dinner House.  The restaurant serves fried chicken, coleslaw, and homemade pies (mmmmm-mmmmm!). A few interested buyers considered the property and intended […]

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What Can We Learn From James Brown?

Sixteen years after the legendary singer James Brown’s passing, we have yet another dispute involving his estate.  In May of 2022, the South Carolina Supreme Court has upheld a circuit court decision ruling that a Adele Pope, a court-appointed former trustee, will NOT receive additional payment for her time as the trustee. It turns out […]

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What Can We Learn From Harvey Fite?

Self-taught sculptor, Harvey Fite spent 37 years of his life creating Opus 40, a 6.5-acre labyrinth (LOVE that word!) with thousands of rocks, tons of patients and no cement.  A marvel, Opus 40 is currently owned by a non-profit organization, but the house next door is owned by Fite’s 81-year-old stepson and managed by his […]

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What Can We Learn From Wellington R. Burt?

Lumber baron and railroad tycoon Wellington R. Burt died in 1919 as the 8th wealthiest person in America.  Burt had a “spite clause” in his last will where his money was to be distributed no sooner than 21 years after the death of his last surviving grandchild who was alive at the time of his […]

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What Can We Learn From Patrick Swayze?

One of the sexiest men (confirmed by People Magazine in 1991), Patrick died in 2009 leaving his $40M estate to his long-time wife, Lisa Niemi via a last will that was signed just months before he died. Before his death, Patrick bought his mother a house and sent her a monthly allowance, which Lisa continued.  […]

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What Can We Learn From Tupac Shakur?

The Tupac Shakur estate is no stranger to litigation.  After his death in 1996,  the Gansta-rapper’s mother, Afeni, a former Black Panther and paralegal, litigated (successfully!) for five years for his unpaid royalties and the return of his unreleased recordings.  Tupac’s mom also had the foresight (and legal counseling) to establish a trust to protect […]

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What Can We Learn From Paul Walker?

Paul William Walker IV, the star of the Fast & Furious movies, died in a tragic (and ironic) high-speed car accident on November 30, 2013.   Walker was 40 years old when he died, survived by his parents and his 15-year-old daughter.  Walker executed a full estate plan complete with a last will and trust in […]

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What Can We Learn From Real Estate Tycoon, Sidney Kalikow?

Major New York player, Sidney Kalikow, died in 1990 with a last will and a qualified terminable interest property (QTIP) trust for the benefit of his wife, Pearl Kalikow.  Despite the estate plan, after Pearl’s passing a long battle ensued regarding the trust assets and income.  Pearl’s estate claimed that the trust owed it $16.9M […]

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What Can We Learn From the Wizard of Oz?

The original blue gingham (love that word) dress worn by Judy Garland’s character, Dorothy, in the 1939 movie the Wizard of Oz, is causing quite a stir. Gifted to Reverend Gilbert Hartke, founder of The Catholic University of America’s Department of Speech and Drama, in the early 1970s, it was thought to have been lost after […]

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Oops We Did It Again – We’re Expecting….

Yet ANOTHER attorney to join our firm!! We’re so fortunate and honored to welcome Mr. Jeffrey Homer as an of counsel attorney to the Law Offices of Odelia Goldberg. Mr. Homer has been practicing law since 1976 and received his B.A. Degree from the University of Illinois and his Juris Doctor Degree from the University […]

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We’re Expecting….

Another attorney to join our firm! LOL, I couldn’t resist. We’re fortunate and honored to welcome Mr. Michael Abrams as an of counsel attorney to the Law Offices of Odelia Goldberg. Mr. Abrams has been practicing law since 1974. He has been admitted to the bar in both FLORIDA and the DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA. He […]

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Blackbeard’s Blockchain

If this story is reminiscent of Pirate treasures buried in the Caribbean in the 17th Century, that’s because it is. The booty, in this case, cryptocurrency and other blockchain-based assets, is hidden through private keys that act as password-like secrets granting their owners access.  There’s even a term, “cold storage,” that refers to this method of securing virtual […]

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We’ve Moved!!!

Our office has expanded and we moved to our brand new location! Come visit us at 33 NE 2nd Street, Suite 100 in Fort Lauderdale.

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