It’s a great time to be alive! Streaming now on Paramount Plus is Star Trek: Picard, featuring the one and only Sir Patrick Stewart as Captain Jean-Luc Picard. Yes, I’m a big nerd LOL. My name is Odelia Goldberg and I’m a Trekkie (Next Generation). We love what we love.
Created in 1966 by Gene Roddenberry, the original Star Trek television spawned years of sequels and spin-offs. Roddenberry himself created the widely successful Star Trek: The Next Generation in 1987, treating fans to seven seasons of Captain Jean Luc Picard’s adventures deep in space.
Roddenberry died in 1991 with a complete estate plan. Obsessed with space, he left instructions for a celestial burial.  Per his request, his body was to be cremated and his ashes launched into orbit.  His wish was fulfilled in 1997 and when his wife, Majel, passed away in 2008, her ashes joined his in orbit.
So, what can we learn from Star Trek and Roddenberry? Other than to be kind to others?
We can learn that an estate plan is not limited to distribution of assets. An estate plan canalso be a place to identify final wishes, essential to keeping grieving families together and preventing disputes.
We also learn that I’m a nerd, but we all knew that already :-)