Kim Kardashian is embroiled in a dispute with her neighbor over a new driveway. Kim’s neighbor, who cares what her name is LOL, filed a California injunction to stop Kim from building the access road on a strip of land Key claims she owns. The disgruntled neighbor accuses Kimmy of wanting a special driveway that gives her easy access to and from her house in the gated community of Hidden Hills, California. You guessed it, a portion of Kim’s driveway would be on her neighbor’s property.
The neighbor’s injunction attempts to stop the building work before it gets started by preventing the Hidden Hills Community Association from approving the construction.
Earlier this year, the same neighbor filed a California restraining order against the association blocking Kim from building a vault, parking and a wellness center under her property, as well as a detached guardhouse.
So, what can we learn from this not-so-friendly neighborly dispute? We can learn the difference between a Florida injunction and restraining order.
an injunction is a court order instructing someone to stop engaging in a particular type of behavior. It’s a broad term as there are various types of injunctions. We’re most familiar with injunctions relating to domestic violence where someone gets a protective order against an abuser, but these orders are found in every type of law. Instead of money damages, we’re requesting the Court to order a ruling to stop someone from doing something that’s bothering us or causing us damage. The relief sought in this type of action is to stop someone else from continuing (or starting) their harmful action.
In Florida, a restraining order is known as an “injunction for protection.” It’s a civil court order restricting individuals who have allegedly committed acts or made threats of violence against a victim. This term is mostly used in domestic violence disputes to protect the victim. In Florida we would most utilize an injunction for protection for prevention from physical harm.
There you have it, folks. Kim may have to do more than bring her neighbor a casserole to solve this dispute, but at least she has some legal training she can put to good use LOL.